Getting Involved

Become an Episcopalian

In the Episcopal Church, everyone is welcome at God’s Table to receive Communion or a blessing during the weekly Holy Eucharist.

Many of our members come to the Episcopal Church from other religious traditions and denominations; some have no formal religious background. You are welcome to visit and worship with us without becoming a member:  In fact, most people from other denominations start by "trying it out" first. The Episcopal Church are quite diverse, encompassing people from a broad range of backgrounds. In fact, it is said that 60% of Episcopalians were raised in another tradition.  At Emmanuel we have many members who were Roman Catholics, while others were Methodist, Congregationalist, Baptist, Presbyterian, and more.  Our Rector was brought up as a Lutheran, but joined the Episcopal Church in College.

If you decide to become a member and would like to make a formal commitment to the Episcopal Church, Emmanuel can help with this process.  We offer special programs for adults, which may include being confirmed or received by a bishop into the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, as well as confirmation classes every few years specifically geared toward our youth.

Please speak with the Rector if you are interested in finding out more about either of these programs.