Getting Involved

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Emmanuel is a place where everyone feels welcome.

Come Visit

If you are looking for a new spiritual community, and haven't already joined us for a service, consider yourself invited any Sunday.  We enjoy having guests!  At Emmanuel, we respect that not all visitors will decide to join our Church and understand that, for most of us, making the decision to join a new worship community takes time.

Every Sunday after our 10 a.m. worship service, we offer an informal Coffee Hour in the Parish Hall.  This is a great place to meet our parishioners and speak informally with the Rector.

If you would like more information about Emmanuel or the Episcopal Church before coming to a service, stop by or call the Church during office hours.  Our staff and Priest will be happy to answer your questions.  

“My second child was born shortly after we moved to Wakefield and just after my father passed away.  I really needed spiritual support, friends, a place to baptize my baby, and a good Christian Education programfor my pre-schooler.  I found all of this and so much more at Emmanuel.”

—Parishioner testimonial

Stages of Involvement

If you've recently made the decision to join us, welcome!  Special events for newcomers, such as brunches or luncheons, are held on a regular basis, providing an opportunity for newer parishioners to get to know Emmanuel, one another, and members of the congregation.

"I moved to Wakefield in the summer of 2003 and began attending Emmanuel in the late fall.  I volunteered to help with the Spring Augction and immediately met a great group of parishioners.  From there, I was hooked!"

—Parishioner testimonial

Emmanuel would not exist without the time talents, and treasure offered by our parishioners.  But we invite you to get involved at your own pace.  In fact, newcomers are always encouraged to take some time to get to know Emmanuel first and then discern for themselves when, where, and how to share their unique gits.  Usually getting involved "just happens" when you are inspired to host a Coffee Hour or assist with a fellowship or fund-raising event.

What special gifts do you bring to the Episcopal Church?  If you choose to share them, they will not be wasted at Emmanuel.  Come and grow with us!


In the Episcopal Church, parishes are responsible for raising the funds to support the church's annual operating budget.  This is done through a variety of fund-raising activities, donations, and "pledges" offered by parishioners.

While it is true that the monies pledged by parishioners of Emmanuel Episcopal Church are necessary to support its very existence, this is not the only reason our members offer a pledge.  Our stewardship goes beyond taking care of our physical facilities and grounds and paying our utility bills.  In striving to be better Christians, we think of our pledge as what we can give to God in thanks for all that we have.  Each fall a stewardship committee is formed at Emmanuel, and, as a congregation, we spend time talking about the importance of pledging not only to the life of our Church but also to our own spritual growth as Christians.

Few people today take an intentional look at the percentage of income they are actually giving, or are able to give, to their church or other organizations each year.  In thinking about making an offering back to God, the important thing is not the amount that you give, but the care that you take in determining the amount and your faithfulness in following through.

“Pledging feels like being part of an unbroken circle. Generations of people took care of this beautiful, old building, the church grounds, and its missions and financial well being. When I give, I am a steward of their legacy and help take care of Emmanuel for the generations who will come after us.”

Parishioner testimonial

You can become a pledging member of Emmanuel at any time by simply filling out a pledge card and returning it in the Offertory on Sunday or mailing it to the Church office.

Planned Giving

It is very common for parishioners to include the Church in their estate planning.  As Christians, we consider ourselves part of the Communion of Saints, a body that includes those who lived in the time of the early Church, as well as those who we knew, but no longer see, and those who take up the Body of Christ today.  Those of us who will support the church financially at the time of our own death undertake planned giving as a spiritual discipline.  Our intent is to provide for those "saints of God" who will follow in the Christian tradition after us.

If you have questions about including Emmanuel or the larger Church in your Last Will and Testament, please contact the Priest or one of the Wardens through the Church office at 781-245-1374.