Life at Emmanuel

While worship and a shared desire to grow together spiritually are at the center of our Christian community, Emmanuel is much more than a house of worship. Because we are a smaller congregation, we really get to know one another and have fun together. We respect our individual differences and value the rich diversity of the whole. We learn together and from each other. We care about each other and are committed to helping those around us and making a difference in the world.

Annual Welcome Back Barbecue

Making Valentines for homebound           parishioners

“For me, Emmanuel is a place of refuge and solace, a place for quiet stillness before and during services where I can think clearer. I can pray for strength and guidance, and for loved ones on earth and in heaven."

—Parishioner testimonial

"It is a place of community, connection and a place to be of service to others. We celebrate our fellowship and share milestones, holidays, and joys. We also come here in times of pain, grief and doubt, when prayer and ritual give comfort and hope—a small, steady light when there is darkness in our lives and in the world. Emmanuel is a blessing.”

—Parishioner testimonial