Life at Emmanuel

Mission / Outreach

Our parish's mission work and outreach into the surrounding community and the world are an important part of life at Emmanuel.

Our congregation takes a very active interest in, and hands-on approach, to our mission work, supporting national and worldwide initiatives sponsored by the regional and national Episcopal Church organization, as well as many local charities through our weekly Coffee Hour donations. These donations support a wide range of causes—from Mystic Valley Elder Services to Esperanza Academy, a new middle school recently opened by the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts in Lawrence, serving girls in grades 5 – 8.

We are committed to helping those around us and making a difference in the world.

The Canterbury Children's Center is perhaps our most visible mission, established in 1966 in direct response to the need in our community for a full-time nursery and child care center. Today, its enrollment has grown to over 100 and includes a Kindergarten for parents wanting or needing a full-day program for their children. Canterbury Children’s Center offers high-quality, non-sectarian education to children beginning at 18 months of age. The program is fully accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Through Diocesan channels, the congregation has an opportunity to be a part of “larger” missions, like fighting AIDS in Africa and Hurricane Katrina Relief. We are one of 30 regional religious organizations that provide meals to the homeless and others in need our area through The Bread of Life in Malden. We are an active member of the Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry, participating in food drives several times each year, as well as providing monetary support for this important organization that allows us to work with other local religious groups of all denominations to help our neighbors.

Six times a year, an intergenerational group of parishioners, including our children and youth, prepares and serves a dinner for the homeless and others in need in our area at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church through The Bread of Life in Malden. Last year, more than 50 parishioners of all ages directly participated in this mission, by shopping for food, baking home-made desserts, preparing and serving the meal, and cleaning up afterwards.

Our Mission Commission works hard to increase our awareness of the local and global issues that we support, helping us to understand the root causes of these social problems and how we as Christians can help. Guest speakers are sometimes invited to address the congregation about the difference our mission work and financial contributions make in the lives of those around us and in our world.

Follow these links to learn more about some of our missions.