A Word on Baptisms and Weddings

Baptisms and weddings are among the most joyful liturgies we undertake in a congregation!  The first, baptism, is one of the two primary sacaraments in the Church.  (The other is our regular celebration of the Holy Eucharist.)  We place the baptismal liturgy in the very center of our weekly worship, as a symbol of its importance and as a visual reminder of the connection between the newly baptized and the Christian community that surrounds him or her.

Emmanuel offers baptism to adults, as well as children whose parents wish for them to be baptized.  Prior to the day, the priest will offer one or more instructional sessions for the families and godparents, in order to provide an opportunity to reflect on the theology of baptism and to plan for the service.  It is important to note that the priest and parish assume that the person preparing for baptism is either a member of the parish prior to baptism or has the intention of becoming involved as preparation begins.  The Sacrament assumes an ongoing life in Christian community, so that the members of the body of Christ in this place might encourage a ministry to one another.

Holy Matrimony is another of the several sacraments of the Church.  As with baptism, members of Emmanuel and those who intend to become active are welcome to inquire. In the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts the sacrament of marraige is open couples regardless of sexual orientation.  Divorced persons may also be eligible for remarriage, with additional preparation sessions and the written consent of the bishop.  As above, the priest will invite the couple who intend to be married into a time of preparation, ideally for some months in advance of the day.  The wedding itself might be conducted in the Church or at another location.  Emmanuel has established a fee policy for wedding, available from the Church office.

With both baptisms and weddings, it is customary for families to offer a monetary gift to the parish, in thanksgiving for the offering of church resources to them.  As with any offering to the Church, the size of this gift is less important than the spirit with which it is given.

We invite all those interested in baptism or marriage to contact our priest through the parish office at 781-245-1374.